Sunday Brunch Misadventure

Our Cost:  $45 including tip Neighborhood: Vista Business Park Time:  1-2 hours or as long as you feel like having another! Joey and I were looking for a new place to try out for a Sunday brunch and I had been hearing buzz about this cool carbon negative distillery in Vista business park that serves … Continue reading Sunday Brunch Misadventure

Know Your Role :)

The question was, ‘It’s always interesting to me to hear the “roles” that husbands and wives play in raising the kids. What do you feel should be the roles the spouses play in raising littles?’ Kristin’s Perspective: I feel it is reasonable that any parent that is in proximity of their child should be aware … Continue reading Know Your Role 🙂

Where Perspective Starts: Being Fair, Respectful and Kind

I know how to work my spouse up into a frenzy.  If I can’t win an argument then at least I can have some control/satisfaction by manipulating his rage. Sometimes it is as simple as keeping calm and unaffected by something my spouse is really upset about.  Other times it is name calling or bringing … Continue reading Where Perspective Starts: Being Fair, Respectful and Kind